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Services Profile: Viper Technology Services, LLC
Viper Technology Services, LLC Logo

Viper, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business, was formed in September 2002. Viper employs approximately 15 engineers, plus support staff. Viper currently provides software development and technical engineering services under subcontract to the Lockheed Martin Company in support of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program. The general scope of Viper's support to Lockheed is to develop and deliver detailed documents, plans, reports, and data as part of the Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) Integrated Product Teams (IPT) in support of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). Specific tasks are as follows:

  • JSF Software Design Specifications - Software Design Recommendations shall include documents and/or diagrams detailing prescriptions for software code development. Documents shall present software requirement analysis and/or modeling. Diagrams shall include unit, class, and sequence diagrams.
  • JSF Software Test Specifications - Software Test Recommendations shall include documents and/or diagrams detailing prescriptions for test cases, suites, or scenarios that enable unit, class, component, CSCI, and/or integration test.
  • JSF Software Artifacts
    • Develop, maintain, and update (as required) system level software (SW) artifacts for use by the ALIS Maintenance Management IPT.
    • Review existing application and assess current and future capabilities according to end-user's need and deliver a report outlining findings and recommended fixes.
    • Develop and deliver a proposed new design to encompass capabilities that can fulfill current and future ALIS requirements.
    • Develop, integrate, and test SW and build application(s) to support ALIS Maintenance related activities.
    • Develop, integrate, and test SW User Interfaces to enable end-users to interact with the new SW applications developed.
  • ALIS International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
    • Research into applicable ITAR documents to determine specific releasability in order to properly safeguard sensitive documents.
    • Research Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA).
    • Initiate and complete export certification workflows.
    • Act as primary POC for RAZOR activities for Foreign Nationals.
    • Review documents for proper ITAR markings.
  • ALIS Tier 4 Risk Coordination and Support
    • Assist the ALIS Risk Coordinator in the execution of the development, tracking, and delivery of ALIS risk / worry data as required.
    • Provide expertise in JSF ALIS programmatic areas of JDL, JATS, ARM (Active Risk Manager), and TRACK + system.
    • Coordinate with stakeholders and appropriate Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on the development of quad sheets for candidate risks.
    • Ensure that risks are properly defined and scored before going to the Risk Management Board.
    • Prepare risks for presentation to the review board and ensure that the necessary SMEs attend the risk review on the date that their risks are presented.
    • Follow up with risk owners and appropriate SMEs to ensure that mitigation strategies for approved risks are developed within 90 days.
    • Work with schedulers to make sure that all risk mitigation steps are added to the detailed schedules.
    • Status completion of mitigation steps and request management support as necessary to keep risk mitigation on track.
    • Re-evaluate risks if mitigation goes off track or cannot be completed.
    • Add/Delete/Status watch list items and make sure all relevant information is accurately captured.
    • ALIS Data Integration (DI) CSCI(s) - Deliver architecture, requirements, and design documents for Data Integration CSCIs that fulfill F-35 ALIS Program specifications for transferring and/or synchronizing ALIS software updates, fixes, and data among multiple ALIS deployments operating at multiple sites.
  • ALIS Security (Secur) CSCI - Deliver architecture, requirements, and design documents that fulfill the F-35 ALIS Program's specifications for user identification and authorization (I&A) management; create application, security, and system event audit logs; manage audit logs; control/host applications and access; limit access based on roles, permissions, and privileges; set up user accounts and activation; process logins; establish classified enclaves; configure security infrastructure; manage network encryption; protect against network intrusions; program threat mitigation; and perform secure, proprietary, and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions.