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Services Profile: Saddle Butte Systems, LLC
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SBS, a veteran-owned small business, was formed in June 2007. SBS employs 8 regular and part time engineers, program analysts, and technical support staff. SBS currently provides technical expertise in logistical support for weapons systems to the CH-53K program office on site at NAVAIR, Patuxent River, MD through CACI's SeaPort-e contract with the Naval Surface Warfare Center. The general scope of SBS's on-site support at NAVAIR Patuxent River, MD is to provide Life Cycle Support Strategy Development solutions and guidance to both legacy and new manufactured products and vehicles. Specific tasks are:

  • Provide technical guidance and assistance in developing War-fighter Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) for system performance and support and be measurable within existing maintenance data collection systems. Metrics shall also be compliant with KPPs established for the system under the current SDD contract and specifications.
  • Develop risk mitigation strategies by working with the prime contractor in the development of risk mitigation plans.
  • Use operational logistics strategic planning expertise to integrate both current and future capabilities into a coordinated architecture.
  • Provide horizontal integration focus to ensure the aircraft design, reliability, supportability, and maintainability requirements are achieved.
  • Perform requirements development analysis based on major aircraft development experience.
  • Participate in CH-53K teleconference/Web-based meetings as well as on-site at NAVAIR, Patuxent River, MD.

SBS currently provides technical expertise in configuration management support for the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye to NAVAIR PMA 231 program office on-site at NAVAIR, Patuxent River, MD under subcontract with Deloitte Consulting. Duties will include:

  • Planning, coordinating, and conducting the Functional and Physical Configuration Audit (FCA/PCA).
  • Developing and executing a plan to transition Configuration Management (CM) responsibility from the E-2D OEM to the U.S. Navy.
  • Developing and executing of interim configuration control processes.
  • Interfacing with the E-2D OEM for configuration management planning and issues.
  • Maintaining program Configuration Management Plans and managing CM processes for program documents through program phases.

Other responsibilities include evaluating and monitoring compliance with established configuration management processes and evaluating suitability/adequacy of configuration management processes.