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Saddle Butte Systems Quality Assurance Program

Saddle Butte Systems (SBS) has established a corporate philosophy of providing outstanding quality support and customer satisfaction to our customers. This philosophy is reflected in the commitment of resources and management attention to ensuring that the services and deliverables we provide meet our high standards. SBS builds strong partnerships with clients by:
  • Emphasizing quality.
  • Responding to end user needs.
  • Staying current with technology.
  • Maximizing tools and best practices for on-time delivery.
  • Minimizing costs and technical risks.
  • Investing in staff training.

SBS's Quality Control Program Plan (QCPP) documents the organizations, procedures, processes, and products we use to implement our Quality Assurance program activities. SBS assesses the development of our services and products from requirements phase through delivery, installation, and testing as applicable to each specific project. These tasks include evaluating and improving our system engineering and software engineering processes, certifying deliverable and non-deliverable services to verify compliance with contractual requirements, and verifying that a high level of quality is designed into our services. In addition, quality assurance tasks assure our team members comply with policies, procedure, plans, and work instructions as tailored to contractual requirements.

SBS's Program Manager is responsible for the successful completion of all task orders. He/she establishes a clear line of authority within each team member's organization to ensure close coordination of all aspects of the support effort. In our response to individual SeaPort-e task order RFPs, SBS's Program Manager evaluates task order requirements and selects the most cost-effective mix of qualified personnel from our SBS Team to include in each task order proposal. The SBS Program Manager works with senior members of our team's subcontractors to develop a work breakdown schedule (WBS), a milestone schedule, and a cost estimate for accomplishing the task order.

Upon task order award, our Program Manager designates a Task Leader for each task order. The Task Leader is responsible for the day-to-day coordination and execution of the task. The Task Leader, in turn, develops a task order project plan incorporating input from all members of the SBS Team. This project plan identifies the project's WBS, schedule, deliverables, spending profile, and quality metrics. SBS's senior management reviews all task order project plans to ensure they use industry-accepted best-practices and meet customer requirements. Once accepted, the project plan becomes the Task Leader's tool to control the execution of the task order and SBS management's tool to track project performance. During execution of the task order, we update the project plan if we receive contract modifications and/or require staff changes.